About Us


As we know that success follows excellence, and excellence comes with dedicated indulgence work. That’s why we are here to provide a complete range of Training, projects, models, and reports to our students.
Wave Techtronics is the company that was established in 2014 with the aim to generate the enthusiasm of technology amongst students, which will further help in achieving their goals. Our experience helps us to improvise our current technology and gives us the confidence to take more progressive steps in the field of Electronic, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. We are very focused on our quality products as our reputation lies on our service and finished quality products.
Wave Techtronics is currently serving all the professionals of Colleges, schools, hobbyists and other companies. We are serving in the areas described as follows:-

Training Modules

Project selection and approval

Electronic components and modules

Mechanical tools and components

Computer programming and lab equipments

Project Making

PCB designing and training

School projects and prototypes

Lab Equipments

  • Drone Making and aircraft profile designing
  • Electronic circuit Designing.
  • Project making.
  • Technical Seminars for students.
  • In house trainings.

Wave Techtronics helps in providing and procuring the components and spare parts for both electronic and mechanical project. Once the components are ready we help are candidates to implement and interface the modules according to the design under our fully equipped lab with good technical guidance. We encourage students to make their projects by utilizing our resources and services.
Under training module we are providing excellent live project based electronic, electrical and mechanical trainings to our candidates. This will help them to visualize all the theoretical concepts practically and prepare them for the further Viva and Interview process.